design, historic buildings and conservation areas
The specialist advice offered by GreerPritchard helps
steer projects through the planning process, a process that is challenging at best, particularly in sensitive locations such as those affected by historic buildings or conservation area designation.
As a member of the project team, we offer townscape advice at pre-planning and planning stages. If appointed early in the process, we can help project teams respond appropriately to the wider context.
Director Julie Greer acts as a 'critical friend', offering strategic design development advice on how best to approach a site. We support project teams and will lead on design and conservation negotiations with planning authorities.
We can lead on the preparation, review
and assessment of:
Policy ... government policy, core strategies, local policy (special policy guides and documents)
Townscape and residential design guidelines ... used by clients, design partners and stakeholders to evaluate projects
Listed building and conservation area assessments ... special policy areas are subject to additional controls, ensuring developments preserve, enhance or cause no harm to the special interest of the building or groups of buildings
Character appraisals ... assessment of what makes a place special, responding to and reinforcing locally distinctive patterns of development, landscape and culture
Strategic views assessments ... effects on key panoramas, river prospects and townscape views
Design and access statements ... planning requirements for most projects, explaining the design thinking behind a planning application and setting out how everyone will be able to use the proposal
Consultation and consensus building ... neighbourhood, statutory bodies and members
Our services include:
town planning
design, historic buildings and conservation areas
design and access statements
planning appeals
townscape, visual assessment and built heritage
policy guidance
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planning and urban design