London Bridge Tunnel Study
role   project direction, researcher, wayfinding
client   Team London Bridge (BID)
Set up by the University of Westminster in partnership with Team London Bridge (BID).
The project focused on design proposals to improve the areas in and around the system of arches that run from Tower Bridge Road to St.Thomas Street inn London.
The study provided baseline information about the district and suggested potential future projects that could make the area more pedestrian friendly by:
— Identifying public realm improvements, especially for pedestrians
— Rationalising street furniture and signage
— Improving north-south pedestrian links
— Identify areas that had potential for possible future Business Improvement District (BID) projects
Consultation featured strongly and as a result 'buy-in' from the local business community and residents groups was achieved.
outcome   welcomed and endorsed by client
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Plan of interventions, London Bridge Tunnel study
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